Our mission is to fuse sport and therapy to heal and strengthen at-risk youth.

Through our sports-based therapeutic curriculum, called do the good® (DtG), youth learn to perceive the world as less threatening and their ability to interact with their environment becomes more empowered and they gain greater self-esteem. In most cases, the youth we serve have been victims.  Our goal is to help young people find their positive path and become responsible contributing members to society.  Our program assists youth in forming healthy trusting relationships and making positive choices. Action based therapy is appealing to youth and is a live lab for learning and applying life skills.

We encourage all participants strengths regardless of athletic ability and sessions are structured in such a way that all can be accommodated and the environment is safe for all to compete together.  

Our program is designed to:
  • Promote a youth’s personal development
  • Improve his/her capacity for pro-social relationships
  • Maximize his/her capacity for inclusion and participation in therapy and school
  • Become an experience that youth can apply to all other aspects of their lives on and off the field