Do the Good

do the good®

Doing the Good (DtG) is about getting to a place on the field and off the field where you feel effective, and you got there without doing any harm to anyone else. In other words, it’s about working hard to find your ‘positive path.’

Doc Wayne has a specially designed curriculum that was built on the therapeutic model of cognitive behavioral therapy and The Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency Framework. Using youth-friendly slogan-aided language, and a behavioral and skills-development focus, Doc Wayne delivers the curriculum on fields and courts through a trained coaching staff.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum approach is distinct in that it is embedded inside the existing practice and game-play group structure. In other words, coaches do not make a distinction between when they are working on the ‘sport skills’ and when they are working on the DtG skills. Coaches use the DtG skills as part of their normal coaching language and are fully aware that all skills are designed to support a player’s sport skill and life skill development.  This approach is less didactic, and instead, is more focused on the physical, social and skill-oriented aspects of team-sports play.