Chalk Talk® Sport-Based Group Therapy

Sport-Based Group Therapy

Doc Wayne offers sport-based group therapy sessions based off of the do the good® curriculum through a collaboration with Boston ASAP ( Doc Wayne offers an experiential group counseling experience for those who wish to participate in a non-traditional modality of action-oriented counseling rather than traditional talk therapy. Each group occurs weekly and is implemented with 6-12 participants, male and/or female, ages 5-18. 

Doc Wayne is designed to assist participants in addressing concerns of self-esteem, self-concept, anxiety, aggression, anger management, social awareness, and overall effective emotion management.

The approach of Doc Wayne is Cognitive/Behavioral in nature and informed by The ARC Framework (Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency Framework).

Each Doc Wayne session lasts 7 weeks, with sessions continuing throughout the year.  During this period there is one specific sport that is implemented from the onset of the group through the remaining weeks

Doc Wayne offers group members full procedural safeguards, including informed consent, parent/guardian consent, and compliance with HIPAA provisions.


  • Males and Females.
  • Youth ages 5-18
  • Youth presenting with a variety of diagnoses and life struggles
  • Youth on the Autism Spectrum
  • Youth involved with the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice System

For referrals please call 617-801-4604